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Case Studies

Case Studies

Going Beyond Technology

Marketing Support

While it’s a great start, it takes much more than an online ordering system to help you grow your business online. Too many people view having an online ordering solution as an insurance policy — I have it now just in case anyone asks for an online store. This mindset will simply not work for your business. Instead, it takes a renewed commitment to change how you market and sell your services. The good news? The more online stores you set-up, the more others will see you offer that service, and word will spread—FAST!

TUO offers a wide array of systems and programs to help you grow your business online.  As part of the partnership with every client served, TUO grants access to the growing library of marketing resources to help you prospect for new business, as well as remarket to the base of customers who purchase from you online. Here’s a brief snippet of available marketing solutions TUO offers. Schedule an online demo to learn more:

  • TUO has a growing library of marketing materials that can be customized for your business. These Turnkey Campaigns include (but are not limited to) promotional videos, Email Marketing Campaigns and even Flyers and other print / promotional materials. 

  • TUO offers a wide variety of standard Email Marketing Templates that can be easily customized and uploaded into your email marketing account. Not currently doing email marketing? The TUO team can even help you get started.

  • As you transact online orders, the TUO system automatically saves and compiles a Customer Contact database that includes every customer who ordered from you. This could be the most vital and important database you can build and use for marketing—a growing list of Customers who’ve ordered from you. Offering them additional reasons to purchase from you can help to significantly increase your business.

  • The TUO system automatically integrates directly with your Mailchimp or Constant Contact email software. It takes literally a “click” to upload your Customer Contact file directly into your email marketing software. Keeping in “constant contact” with your customers is critical to your growth.

  • With the exclusive Roster store types, you can even create a stand-alone store that is exclusively set-up for your customers. In fact, many current TUO clients use this Roster Store type to set-up year-end Holiday online stores to offer discounts exclusively to the customers they’ve served over the year(s).  

Going Beyond Technology

Business Consultation

One of the TUO executives recently shared this observation in a meeting:

“I would estimate that at least 50% of the calls or online sessions we have with our Clients do not really relate to using the TUO system. Instead, our Clients want us to share our knowledge and insights derived from working with a vast array of Clients over the years.”

Here’s the point. Working directly and collaboratively with the thousands of business partners over a span of more than 15 years gives us a very unique vantage point (and insights) on the industry. Because you work directly with the owners of the Company, you benefit from the wisdom and knowledge accumulated from working on the front line, day-in and day-out, in an industry that continues to transform rapidly.

Below is a brief list of just a few of the common topics on which TUO has been asked to share their collective knowledge. If you’d like to get our perspective on any of these, schedule an online demo and we’d be happy to share:

  • We are beginning to face more competition from some of the larger providers entering into our market (BSN,, Squad Locker, even vendors trying to “go direct” to my clients). What can I do to defend my business?

  • Currently we only get new customers by “word-of-mouth.” What other ways can we be generating more prospects and sales?

  • We’ve been working in Team Sports since our inception. How can we diversify our base of customers?

  • We need to greatly improve the customer support side of our business. What recommendations would you make for us to do that?

  • Now that we’ve automated our ordering online by partnering with you, what other recommendations can you make to automate our internal operations?

  • We are transitioning to direct shipping to every customer / their orders. What is the best way to adapt direct shipping for our operations? 

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg. We can (and do every day) share our insights and Best Practices with everyone we serve.

Going Beyond Technology

 Technical Consultation

Even though the promise of technology is to help you automate, simplify and scale your business, it can be overwhelming. Technology is constantly changing and evolving. The truth is, unless you are in the business of technology and software development, there really is no way to keep pace with the constant changes.  That’s why you need a business partner you can lean on for advice and consultation.

Led by CTO Rich Bowman, the TUO Tech Team has over 75 years of software development experience. Online Ordering fits into an ecosystem of emerging technologies all of the TUO clients use / have to evaluate in order to stay competitive. That’s why the TUO Team freely shares their expertise and knowledge with every client we serve.  Below is a brief summary of just a few of the recent topics / projects on which the TUO Team has shared their insights and expertise.  To be clear, the role of the TUO Team is to offer advice, share their expertise, yet is not necessarily to lead the development / evaluation of custom solutions:

  • Establishing parameters for, selection of, integration with inventory control systems;

  • Selection of, and integration with automated fulfillment and print management systems;

  • Selection of Customer Support software and operational integration.

  • Selection of, and integration with Registration software (for integration into the roster-driven features within TUO);

  • Integration methods for connecting with complex, all-operational ERP solutions.

To be clear, the TUO Team does not promise nor commit to leading the development team for these advanced projects. Instead, our Technical team can offer advice and share the knowledge earned from the expansive list of projects and technology experience they have. 

It Takes MUCH More Than Technology to Grow Your Business. Get to Know the PEOPLE Behind the Technology That Are Willing (and Able) to Help You Every Step of the Way.

Founded in 2008 by 5 former IBM executives, (TUO) was initially launched as an automated ordering solution for the most complex ordering situation there is—large soccer clubs.

The TUO Team is privately owned and has never received any outside funding. That means: 1. you work directly with the owners of the company who have a personal interest in YOUR success; 2. You get “fair value” pricing (no outside investors jacking up fees to recoup their investment).

TUO has grown to encompass every sport, as well as online stores for schools, fundraisers, events and is now the perfect solution for non-sports such online stores featuring promotional products, and online company stores.

Today TUO is honored to serve over 3,000 Decorators, Dealers and Providers across North America.

TUO is the ONLY online ordering solution that offers different TYPES of online stores, as well as different STORE DESIGN options. That simply means you can choose the right online store for the right reason.