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The Most Dynamic, Multimedia Online Stores Your Clients Will Love

By offering the MOST FLEXIBLE STORE DESIGN FEATURES and DIFFERENT STORE TYPES, you can literally set-up a custom online store for EVERY Client you serve.


Top Benefits of Online Ordering for Your Business

Top Reasons Why It’s Time to Get ALL of Your Business Online

Absolutely No Cost to Get Started.

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With no start-up costs, no monthly subscription fees and no contract, there is absolutely no risk to give it a try. As we say, our business grows ONLY when your business grows.

Collect Your Money Upfront

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Still waiting to get paid AFTER all your costs have been sunk? Not to mention chasing down checks? Stop playing Banker for the Clients you serve. With Online Ordering, you collect all your money upfront.

Compete More Effectively

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Today most organizations are seeking providers who can simplify their lives and eliminate the headaches (and costs) of ordering. Offering online ordering simplifies life for your clients and will help you compete.

Scale Your Operations

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No more having to store and search through reams of paper order forms or emails. With online ordering you have virtually all of your ordering data available to you in your own central order management system.

Sell More. Grow Faster.

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Instead of taking an order over the phone, you can offer your wares in an online store where customers can search and buy whatever they want. On average, online shoppers will purchase 35% (often more) when given the chance to buy more products.

Protect Your Business

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How do you defend your business in today’s increasingly competitive market? Online ordering means you have a complete history of every loyal customer who purchased from you. It’s easy to access your customer list and give them multiple opportunities to buy from you again and again online.

Online Ordering has significant benefits for you, and is now a standard requirement for the Customers you serve.

The Key Features You Need to Grow Your Business Online

Store Choices

Different Store Types Means Greater Flexibility

Not too long ago, offering any standard online store was enough.  That is certainly not the case anymore. In today’s increasingly competitive (and demanding) environment, you need to have MUCH more flexibility to meet the wide and varying needs of your clients and prospects alike.  That is why the TUO solution has the widest selection of different STORE TYPES, as well as the most dynamic, customizable STORE DESIGNS available.  Here is a brief sampling of the different TYPES of stores you can set-up:

  • Club Roster Stores for large sports organizations with multiple teams.
  • Team Roster Stores supporting one Team.
  • Corporate Apparel Roster Stores for Companies offering branded products to their employees. And each employee can be given money to spend in the online store.
  • Fundraiser Stores for easily raising money for any cause or event.
  • Bulk Ordering Stores that make it easy for one person to order on behalf of many.
  • Of course, much much more.
Advanced Group Ordering Technology

Exclusive Roster Technology Fully Automates Large Group Ordering

TUO literally invented and perfected the technology behind automating ordering for large groups. TUO is the only online ordering solution that offers exclusive, proprietary Roster Technology that greatly simplifies ordering for large groups (sports teams, companies, events, rec leagues, etc.).  Each store includes the ability to upload a “roster” of everyone who will be invited to the store.  In fact, you can also offer EXCLUSIVE PRODUCTS down to the individual level in any store. And all Roster Stores come complete with an advanced management dashboard to which you can give access to your client to help manage the ordering process for everyone. This feature alone is worth scheduling a 30 minute online demo.

Custom Data Management

Flexible Data and Reporting is Key to Helping You Run Your Entire Operation

Having complete, yet flexible access to literally every piece of information on every order is vital to help you run your entire operation. The TUO system is the only online ordering system that lets you create your own, custom Reports on the fly. Here are the various ways the TUO Data Management and Reporting features give you complete control:

  • A variety of Standard Store Reports that provides the information you need to run all aspects of your business;
  • Dealer-wide Reports that let you select a variety of Report formats, as well as choose the dates (to / from) as well as the individual stores to be included;
  • Create Custom Reports easily with an intuitive, easy-to-manage Custom Editor tool. You can easily create your own Custom Reports that can be saved and used for every online store you set up;
  • Robust Customer Contact Report that auto-updates with every order placed. This is perfect to help you in your re-marketing efforts. You can even set-up auto-integration with your preferred email software provider (such as Mailchimp or Constant Contact) so your Customer Contact files can be auto-uploaded into your email marketing account with just a few clicks;
  • Custom VBScript Extraction tools. For more complex circumstances, the TUO Tech Team can work with you to develop custom visual-basic extraction tools that makes creating truly custom reports a breeze.

Turnkey and Custom Integration Solutions Help You Scale Your Business

TUO offers the most advanced API’s that fully support integration with a growing list of 3rd party online software tools. API stands for Application Programming Interface and is the blueprint that lets different online software applications share common data. TUO offers two types of integration via their advanced API’s:

  • Turnkey integration with the most commonly used 3rd party software providers. This list changes frequently so it would be advisable to contact the TUO Team for a current list;
  • Custom integration is also available. To be clear, the TUO Tech Team can provide the technical documentation needed for any 3rd party provider you choose to complete any integration you desire utilizing the advanced API’s offered in the TUO system. It is important to note that the TUO Tech Team can consult with any 3rd party integrator you select, but does not lead the development of any custom integration request. The reason for this is simple—it is mandatory to understand the complexities and functionalities of any 3rd party software and the TUO Tech Team does not have the luxury to become expert at other 3rd party software solutions. 

Tiered Pricing Means

You Pay LESS
When Selling MORE

With no upfront starting costs nor monthly subscriptions, there truly is NO RISK to give it a try.

TUO applies a small commission ONLY on the Price of Products you sell in any online store. TUO does NOT apply this rate on other fees you add (such as Shipping, Taxes, Handling Fees, etc.) as others do. You can even set-up your online stores to collect fees that offset a portion (or all if you want) of the fees
applied by TUO. And the best part—the more you sell online, the lower your rate goes.

TUO also offers you the choice to utilize the TUO Merchant Account to transact all credit / debit card payments. If you choose to do so, it is offered to you at the actual cost to TUO. If you have your own Merchant Account for transacting credit / debit card payments, you can utilize your own account as long as the processing gateway you are using is Authorize.net.

The MORE You Transact, the LOWER Your Rate



✓  Total Annual Sales / $15-49K
✓  TUO Rate Applied / 5.00%
✓  Use of the TUO Merchant Account (Optional) / 2.90% Flat*


✓  Total Annual Sales / $50-99K
✓  TUO Rate Applied / 4.5%
✓  Use of the TUO Merchant Account (Optional) / 2.90% Flat*


✓  Total Annual Sales / $100-249K
✓  TUO Rate Applied / 4.00%
✓  Use of the TUO Merchant Account (Optional) / 2.90% Flat*


✓  Total Annual Sales / $250-499K
✓  TUO Rate Applied / 3.5%
✓  Use of the TUO Merchant Account (Optional) / 2.90% Flat*


✓  Total Annual Sales / $500K+
✓  TUO Rate Applied / 3.00%
✓  Use of the TUO Merchant Account (Optional) / 2.90% Flat*

*TUO provides the use of their Merchant account for processing payments via credit / debit cards. TUO offers use of this Merchant Account at actual cost, which is 2.90% FLAT per transaction, with no additional fees. Others apply a per-transaction fee on top of the rate that can be as high as 35 – 40 cents in addition for each transaction.

Not All Online Ordering Solutions Are the Same. Get to Know the Differences Before You Choose. And Choose Wisely!

Founded in 2008 by 5 former IBM executives, Teamuniformorders.com (TUO) was initially launched as an automated ordering solution for the most complex ordering situation there is—large soccer clubs.

The TUO Team is privately owned and has never received any outside funding. That means: 1. you work directly with the owners of the company who have a personal interest in YOUR success; 2. You get “fair value” pricing (no outside investors jacking up fees to recoup their investment).

TUO has grown to encompass every sport, as well as online stores for schools, fundraisers, events and is now the perfect solution for non-sports such online stores featuring promotional products, and online company stores.

Today TUO is honored to serve over 3,000 Decorators, Dealers and Providers across North America.

TUO is the ONLY online ordering solution that offers different TYPES of online stores, as well as different STORE DESIGN options. That simply means you can choose the right online store for the right reason.