Where Personal Service and Advanced Technology Meet

Our Mission

To offer the best service, support and business expertise, matched with the most advanced technology, all at the best value for every client we serve.

Core Beliefs

Personal Service

A common problem with “tech companies” is their accessibility to you. It makes no sense to offer great software / technology solutions if there is no one available to help you use it. The entire team at TUO is literally ALWAYS AVAILABLE to help you.  Want proof? Providing Personal Service to every Client we serve is the #1 reason TUO has grown over 500% in just the last 5 years.


Let’s face it. The industry is changing. And FAST! Customers are demanding as ever, and consolidation means you’re facing more and more competition. You need a partner who is both knowledgeable and committed to delivering the “Best In Class” technology to help you compete and thrive. In fact, in just the last year alone, TUO introduced over 3,000 New Features, with many inspired by the Clients we serve.


Frankly, TUO does not seek to work with everyone. The truth is, we purposely choose to partner ONLY with providers with whom we can forge a close working relationship, and with whom the addition of our expertise can lead to success.  In our vast experience, we’ve come to learn that the best Partnerships have one common bond—mutual respect and a sincere commitment to help each other grow.


In today’s environment, even the partners you’ve leaned on over the years are quickly transitioning to becoming your competitors (think of some of the vendor initiatives to “go direct.”). And some online ordering providers are actively sharing and selling their clients’ confidential business data. To put it simply, that is just WRONG! TUO NEVER sells or shares your confidential business information to ANYONE. No exceptions! By the way, that is not a popular position to take as the market continues to transform.


By its very definition, COMMITMENT means being passionately dedicated to a cause or desired outcome, no matter the obstacles faced along the way. TUO was started in 2008 when ordering online was not a “thing.”  The commitment was (and continues today) to grow organically, based solely on perseverance and personal service. While TUO is certainly not the largest Online Ordering provider, we maintain our commitment to truly be the best partner we can be to every Client we serve.


It all comes down to VALUE, and ensuring you get (much more) than that for which you pay. Our intent is NOT to be the lowest-cost solution but rather, to ensure every client we serve believes they are receiving true VALUE. That is why there are no upfront costs to get started (as others charge) nor any monthly subscription fees. And the TUO Pricing is tiered, which simply means the more sales you transact, the lower your costs. The BOTTOM LINE is, we only get paid when you sell something online.

The People Behind the Technology

Over 75 years of combined software and technology experience (and wisdom).


Chief Finance Officer

Payal has a BBA in Finance and 15 years of professional experience in the technology sector. Payal joined TUO from Equifax, where she was a Senior Data and Business Analyst in their growing technology area. Prior to Equifax Payal worked with McKesson Technology Provider as Senior Financial Analyst, and played a vital role within their Mergers and Acquisitions group.

Payal may have the most interesting story in when / how she joined the TUO family. Soon after the business was relocated to Atlanta in 2012, Payal was the first person to interview in the new offices. Of course, she arrived on time and when she walked into the office, looked around at the stark office space (one long plastic table with folding chairs all around), she politely introduced herself and promptly said good-bye. About one year later, she received a follow-up call, as TUO needs had changed dramatically due to the rapid growth. It took some convincing, but Payal did agree to come in for another visit. The rest, as they say, is history. Payal has been a key member of the TUO family since 2014 and has been instrumental in shaping, guiding and directing the amazing growth and transformation of TUO over the years.

Today Payal manages and controls (and we do mean controls) everything related to all accounting and finances that are involved with transacting business online. Trust us when we say, the challenges are numerous and endless. Of her many accomplishments, her biggest contribution is definitely the development of the myriad of advanced systems, technology and internal business processes required for managing the financial complexities in the world of running an e-commerce technology company.

Personal Interests
Payal is the proud mama of a beautiful, intelligent daughter named Sanvvi. In fact, Sanvvi has recently developed a keen interest in graphic design software and has even designed some of the promotional marketing materials TUO offers to clients to assist them in preaching the benefits of online ordering.


Director, Customer Care

Susie is a customer service professional. After graduating with a Business degree from Emory University, she began her career at (what was at the time considered to be) the most highly-regarded airline in the world—Delta Airlines as a customer Service Representative. In fact, Susie was a part of the team of employees at Delta that voluntarily contributed a significant portion of their salaries so that the company could purchase the newest aircraft available at the time—a Boeing 767. Still today this is considered one of the greatest demonstrations of employee morale (and Public Relations) in the history of business:

How Delta Employees Bought The Airline A Boeing 767 (simpleflying.com)

After raising 4 perfect children, Susie ventured back into the business world. She took a position with a fast-growing retail chain (Von Maur) that was rapidly expanding into new markets. She quickly became the Assistant Store Manager for the retailer’s anchor store in Georgia where she served for 2 years. (For those that are not aware, the retail business can be extremely brutal, especially during the holiday season). After many late nights followed by early mornings, including being the one to unlock the doors at 5:30 am, Susie decided it was time to move on. Her decision coincided with a period In which the TUO team was struggling in setting up the systems and protocols to manage the growing number of customers who needed assistance when placing order in any TUO online store. The match was perfect. Susie joined the TUO family in 2014. 

Today Susie heads up the team that is responsible for providing the best-in-class customer service and support for every shopper who places an order in any TUO online store. Susie and her team also coordinate all support issues with every Dealer using the TUO platform. Has Susie made a difference? We’ll let you decide. See this recent email a customer sent to Susie directly:

From Darin:You have to be the most on the ball company I have ever dealt with. I truly appreciate working with professionals.”

Personal Interests
While Susie is proud of all of her professional accomplishments, no doubt her greatest source of pride is in having raised her family. Not many parents can say they successfully got 4 kids (3 boys and one girl) through high school, then college, then onto their respective, successful careers. Today, with all 4 children having found their soulmates and now each married, Susie gets the greatest title of all….WA! Grandma to 2 beautiful (and soon to be 3) grandchildren. 


Director, Client Services & Support

Caroline graduated with Highest Honors from one of the most academically-challenging universities in the country—Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech). Immediately upon graduation she embarked upon a career in technology by taking a position with MemberClicks (one of the fastest-growing tech start-ups in Atlanta) where she was a key member of the Customer Engagement team. After two different acquisitions within one year, Caroline decided it was time to move on. In April, 2021 she joined the Teamuniformorders.com family and has never looked back. Since joining, Caroline has been instrumental in developing new programs and technology to simplify onboarding for new clients, and developing easy-to-use training tools and programs for all clients served.

Personal Interests
Caroline got married in December, 2021 and spends a significant amount of her “off” time attending any sporting event she can with her husband Kelly. On November 3, 2021 Caroline’s lifelong dream came to fruition when her beloved Atlanta Braves won the World Series.


Sr. Store Software Designer

Bridget graduated with her undergrad and MBA from Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) while on an athletic scholarship for Track.  Upon graduation Bridget worked as a consultant with a firm that offered her the flexibility to travel while her husband was on the ATP Tour (Professional Tennis). With the interest to begin raising a family, Bridget decided to cut back her work hours and focus more of her time with a more flexible work schedule. Volunteering became the best option, working with charities and non-profits while spending time raising her 4 young children. 

In May, 2016 there was a knock on the door at the new offices of Teamuniformorders.com. In walked Bridget, confidently asking if she could speak with someone from management. Turns out Bridget had come across an online store set-up by a TUO Dealer and she was interested in seeing if there was a need to match her software / design experience with an opportunity at TUO.  Bridget became the first (and still only) person to walk into TUO and get hired on the spot. It turns out TUO was the perfect match for her where she could work with a fast-growing, cutting-edge technology company that could utilize her design skills and knowledge with software. In the 6 years since that day Bridget has played an important and vital role in improving the online store experience for every Dealer and customer alike.  As you review the dynamic, multi-media online stores offered on the TUO platform, you can thank Bridget for having the gumption to walk in the doors of TUO in 2016.

Personal Interests
Bridget and her husband Kenny met at Georgia Tech where they were both athletes, Bridget was a track star (and still runs every day today) and Kenny an outstanding tennis player who would go on to play professionally. Bridget and Kenny have been married 32 years and have 4 adult children. Over the past decade Bridget has volunteered with the Fulton County Elections Board, and today is a member of the steering Committee for the Georgia Election Integrity Project. Her involvement in elections has led her to a new race. Recently Bridget was elected to become a member of the Fulton County Board, which is a powerful governing arm for one of the largest counties in Georgia. By the way, she has some compelling stories to share about the experiences she had with our election process.


Sr. Technical Specialist, QA Analyst

Lee is the longest member of the TUO family going on his 10th year. When the company was but a few years old Lee joined as a Store Design specialist assisting clients with designing and setting up their online stores. Over the years Lee clearly demonstrated his enormous capacity to be able to easily (and patiently) explain and assist the clients we serve on virtually every feature within the TUO system. Over the last several years Lee has transitioned to apportioning a growing percentage of his time supporting the development team by conducting advanced QA testing for new features under development.

Personal Interests
Lee has earned the nick name “Fire Dancer” among his TUO family. Of his many, varied interests outside of work, the most interesting “hobby” Lee has is his incredible skill in dancing with fire. This is an example of a video being worth a thousand words, so see a sample of Lee’s skills:



Sr. Technical Specialist

After serving as an intern for TUO while tending to his studies throughout his college years, James joined TUO fulltime immediately upon graduating with a Business Management degree from Georgia College. James is exactly what every successful team needs—that person who knows almost every aspect of the technology and the business, coupled with the willingness to help in any way he can. On any given day, James can jump from conducting online training sessions with clients, to designing stores, to testing and contributing to the development of new features within the TUO system, and even assist the Customer Care team in handling support questions from shoppers within any TUO store. James has shown an affinity and expertise at understanding the underlying code of the TUO system and also serves to assist the Technology Development team to conduct detailed, complex testing and analysis of every new feature introduced into the system.

Personal Interests
James loves all sports and is a sports trivia genius. The entire TUO family has learned to NEVER challenge James with his knowledge of anything related to sports. In October, 2021 James married the love of his life Ansley. As fate would have it, James’ favorite team (the Atlanta Braves) also made their final run to victory in the World Series on the weekend he was wed. Each night of the wedding weekend concluded with everyone sitting around a huge bonfire in the clear mountain air, watching the Braves on a large projection TV, cheering them on to victory (and cheering the newlyweds with best wishes for the new life ahead). James and Ansley are preparing to add to their family as they are expecting their first child due Christmas Day this year.


Chief Technology Officer

Rich was literally one of the first technology gurus to figure out how to transact purchases on the internet. Back in 1995, while completing his last semester of grad school he interned at the State of Florida IT group building and managing the state’s webservers. While there he joined in a conversation with several employees tasked with how to allow fisherman to purchase fishing licenses over the web. Before the semester ended Rich single-handedly developed the State of Florida’s Fishing ,Hunting, and Boating registration online portal. It was certainly not the norm back in 1995 to be able to process credit card transactions over the web, leaving Rich to believe at the time that it wouldn’t be used very often. Much to his surprise it was a big success and many fishermen and hunters found themselves using portal Rich developed since it was so much more convenient to obtain necessary fish and game stamps 24×7 on the web.

Following his graduation from Florida State University, Rich became enamored with the potential of the newly-emerging world wide web. Having worked in various positions in security with various defense contractors, Rich took a position with a new technology start-up in Atlanta (iXL) where he designed and developed the second state online transaction portals for selling licenses online for Georgia residents. While at iXL during the “Dot Com” years he was able to work with numerous Fortune 500 companies to bring other innovative solutions to the internet. In an interesting twist of fate, eventually the online license portal and capability was spun out of iXL as a wholly separate business called Permit.com

Rich was introduced to Gerry (current CEO of TUO) in early 2002 where the two developed custom automated marketing systems for a variety of companies (Audi of North America, Porsche and AGCO Tractors, to name just a few). It’s a business partnership that remains to this day. Eventually Rich took a position as a security specialist with cyber security company named Predictive Solutions, but continued his partnership with Gerry over the years.

In 2014 Rich agreed to assist Gerry in conducting a full and complete technology audit of, what was at the time, the fledging platform called TUO systems. Within 3 months Rich delivered a compelling, objective review of the technology. Rich was asked on the spot to join TUO as the lead technology developer.

Rich continues today as the Chief Technology Officer of TUO and leads the TUO Tech Team in the design, architecture, development and implementation of all new features. Under his supervision the TUO platform has gone from transacting $1.5 million per year (when he joined) to a projected $70 million in 2022.

Personal Interests
Rich is the epitome of an outdoorsman. Besides his lovely wife Julie and his talented, intelligent daughter Kira (a member of the National Champions Georgia Bulldogs Marching band) Rich spends as much available time he has in nature. Besides the occasional 3-day adventure hikes where he backpacks and camps deep into the woods surviving on only what he can carry in, he also mountain bikes several times a week, often going on treks of 20 plus miles.


Senior Developer

Sumit has been associated with Teamuniformorders.com (TUO) since its inception and was part of the initial development team that architected, designed and brought to market what has become known as TUO Systems version 1.0. It was the culmination of a journey that started long before.

Sumit showed his enthusiasm for computers while very young. He started tinkering and experimenting with programming computers right at the time the personal computer craze was taking shape. He started out by working on small utility software programs in FoxBase and Foxpro. With his father being a Civil Engineer, Sumit soon set out to fulfill his father’s wish for him to earn his engineering degree in Architecture. While doing so, Sumit continued with his passion for computers and completed his 3 year Certification from NIIT (one of highest-ranking private learning institutes in India ) where he earned a scholarship to help fund his studies. Soon thereafter Sumit started his professional career as a teaching faculty member in the same institute, where he quickly demonstrated his skills at analyzing and solving complex logic problems.

Being a self-starter with the zeal and appetite to always learn more, Sumit took a leap of faith and joined a newly-formed start-up. This proved to set him on the trajectory that led him to where he is today. While working at the start-up Sumit was exposed to and experienced all of the necessary business skills needed to succeed—from Pre sales research, marketing, client interface, project management, team leading, and direct programming with experience with a wide swath application programming (Java, .net, PHP, Python, C, C++ and many more). In 2008 Sumit was introduced to the Ruby on Rails programming language and instantly committed himself to become an expert at this new and emerging technology.

Since 2008 Sumit has been an active member of the Ruby on Rails Community. The TUO system transitioned to Ruby on Rails under the advice and leadership of Sumit when he initially joined the newly-formed company. Today Sumit works directly in collaboration with Rich (CTO) to conceive and develop all new features within the TUO system.

Personal Interests
Sumit is a science-fiction fanatic. Yet, like most folks who work in technology, Sumit also enjoys escaping the rigors of sitting behind a computer screen all day and he makes a point to spend as much time alone he can in nature. On those days you can find Sumit near any body of water, preferably surrounded by trees and mountains.


CEO, Managing Director

Gerry spent the first part of his career in the advertising business, eventually working with the largest advertising agency network in the world (WPP) where he headed up the Chicago office of Ogilvy & Mather Direct / Database Marketing. Gerry quickly developed a keen interest (and skill) in guiding and consulting Fortune 500 client companies in the future of data-driven marketing. This when the internet was but a nascent new enigma to most people. In 1995 Gerry was selected to be one of 5 Worldwide Subject Matter Experts to consult with global clients on the emerging new field of data-driven marketing. Traveling the globe to consult with some of the world’s leading companies became his full-time job, including working with global brands such as Kraft General Foods, Kimberly Clark, American Express and Nutrasweet (to name-drop a few). 

However, after close to 10 years of extensive traveling, and with a young family at home, Gerry decided to scratch the itch he had to become an entrepreneur. In 2000 Gerry took the leap and partnered with the former CEO of the world’s first internet success story (Monster.com) to form a digital consultancy firm targeting technology start-ups. For the next 10 years Gerry applied his deep knowledge and business acumen to assist early-stage technology companies in raising seed and growth capital, setting up their business operations, and helping with their go-to-market strategies. 

Then in 2014, a favor to a friend led to a chance meeting with a few former IBM executives who had been working to develop a technology platform to automate ordering for large sports organizations (Teamuniformorders.com).  Gerry agreed to serve as a “CEO Coach” to guide and counsel them on the necessary steps to grow their business. Within 6 months it became clear that dramatic changes were needed for the business to sustain, and within one year Gerry accepted the offer to become CEO, Managing Director of Teamuniformorders.com. Once the business began to experience rapid growth in the ensuing years, it became apparent that the ownership structure of the business needed to change, and the new management team that Gerry brought on board took ownership and control of the business in 2018. 

Personal Interests
Who has time for personal interests when you work in technology? The truth is, in the spare hours Gerry has on any given weekend, he does enjoy kayaking and trail running.

All Online Solutions Are Not the Same. Get to Know the DIFFERENCES and Choose a Partner That Offers the SERVICE and TECHNOLOGY You Will Need to Compete.

Founded in 2008 by 5 former IBM executives, Teamuniformorders.com (TUO) was initially launched as an automated ordering solution for the most complex ordering situation there is—large soccer clubs.

The TUO Team is privately owned and has never received any outside funding. That means: 1. you work directly with the owners of the company who have a personal interest in YOUR success; 2. You get “fair value” pricing (no outside investors jacking up fees to recoup their investment).

TUO has grown to encompass every sport, as well as online stores for schools, fundraisers, events and is now the perfect solution for non-sports such online stores featuring promotional products, and online company stores.

Today TUO is honored to serve over 3,000 Decorators, Dealers and Providers across North America.

TUO is the ONLY online ordering solution that offers different TYPES of online stores, as well as different STORE DESIGN options. That simply means you can choose the right online store for the right reason.